Ill Pill Records

A compilation by Ill Pill Records is hitting the shelves on March 30th, 2010. Features 11 tracks from DJs/Producers across the US & Europe. Two tracks are available here on Bn as well as Illpill’s site [located here]. Here is a list of the artist that are featured on the release and their myspace page. […]

Wolf Error Sleet Correction

What kind of sick person releases an exclusive tune and puts up the wrong version!?! Me, Wolf, very sorry to Sleet! In all fairness though he had sent me various versions of the track so it was only right that I post up the wrong one, but still I should have been more on top […]

Essential Tunes from Various Artist

Hey so it’s 2010 and I’ve been busting my ass with real life situations and haven’t been giving the blog the much needed love it deserves! However, this is OUR YEAR and we are going to be doing some great things in the up coming months. The web tech/senior partner is moving closer to the […]


Not too long ago Chewy Chocolate Cookies raised up old Uncle Sam ‘I Want You’ with his glaring Chocolate Cookie eyes and demanded that only FRESH UNSIGNED artist join him in creating a Winter Compilation to be released on Chewy Chocolate Cookies very own label. Well the results are in and CCC has been hard […]

Musical Meditation

*image taken from here ( For some time now we’ve tried different ways of having multiple artist (at the same time) featured on the site. Each method had a fault: dropping 5 artist in one day, spaced 2 hours apart from the next, with a full feature = overwhelming content. Putting up artist music with […]