1997 coming out Tomorrow

Hey everyone, I’m proud to say that my debut EP, 1997, is coming out tomorrow! It features 2 original tracks by yours truly and 2 amazing remixes by Valerna & Clockwork! Wonderful art by Melissa B! You can listen to the entire EP below: Check my official site for the buy links: MercuriusFM.com Keep on […]

Synthy & Sexy

Word up Boppers. Art by Melissa B in Toronto – Starting off today with a track off of Basement Jaxx’s second EP from way back in ’95. It has a lot of the things that make us love Basement Jaxx including lots of harmonies, strings, and a jazzy housey feel. Basement Jaxx – Be Free […]


Yo Boppers. Art by Melissa B With today’s post we’re going back in the mid 90s. The first track is by Inner Tube and is considered a classic. Packed to the brim with aggressive House shuffle drums and a pulsing bassline which goes in tandem with a smooth synth. Great to check out. Lots of […]

Sweet Beats

Hello Boppers! A new week, a couple new beats. (well, not so new) – Our first track is by Chicago based House producer, Paul Johnson. This is a nice fun tune with a nice famous sample. Paul Johnson shows us that its not always about tricks, sometimes a simple beat can carry you a long […]


Hey Boppers! I’ve got some more goodies for you. Took me some time to pick out which tracks this week, but turned up with some more gems. Art by Melissa B – Our first track is by French House master, Sebastien Leger. Its a hard funky house track featuring Bopper favorite, Junior Sanchez. The intense […]

Steppin' Up

Word up Boppers. To start this week off, I’ll congratulate bopperette Melissa B’s stunning artwork for a Keith Haring tribute she participated in called “Stick On Haring!” Her art is on display along with other talented artists at Festival LiberArti in Montaione, Italy. You can see it below. More & More & More – Now […]


Hey Boppers. Another bass packed Monday here… check out these 2 fine House cuts. – Our first track is by Bob Sinclar. A very simple House beat over a spoken vocal mixed in with some disco samples. This track comes off the same album that featured the Thomas Bangalter produced, Gym Tonic. – Finally, we […]

Major House

Hey Bopperz. Good to be back after a week off (in Vegas). Had some good times last week at Felix’s show. This week, we get back to House trax. Art by Melissa B Our first track is a remix of Eddie Amador’s classic House anthem, “House Music”. DJ Sneak takes the track and makes a […]

I Wanna Be

Yooo Boppernation Welcome to this installment of Mercurius FM Monday… we’ve been going strong for a while now, but don’t think I’m running out of posts. There’s still tons more classics to share with you. by Melissa B Our first track is a classic cut from French House rockers, Archigram. This came out in 2003 on […]

Happy Festivus and Other Stuff

Happy Holidays to all the Boppers! Today, we have quite the post… mostly Daft Punk related, but thats not a bad thing, right? Here is a fantastic live version of Daft Punk’s Rock’n Roll. Its from 1997, recorded at Le Rex Club in Paris. Back then, the boys used to go on stage with about […]

Needs No Correction

YO BOPPERS! Its Monday… you know what that means, more funky House music! First, a quick recap of Friday where I saw MSTRKRFT play in Vegas and kill it so hard! Here are a few pics from the night… More pics HERE. / Photos out of club by Hew Burney / Gig photos by me […]

Don't Assume

Word up Boppers. For this week’s post we’ll go French again with some old school movers and shakers. First off is the now-world-famous Alan Braxe with his classic House guitar anthem, Rubicon. Alan Braxe is most well known for his hit single Time Out and production work with Thomas Bangalter for Stardust’s Music Sounds Better […]